Brand: Zambaiti Contract
Collection: Atelis
Style: Plain

Typology: Wallpaper
Height: 70 cm
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Zambaiti Parati, in view of intense research for a completely sustainable production, involved METROGRAMMA studio by Andrea Boschetti and AMDL CIRCLE by Michele De Lucchi to design a collection capable of innovating the offer of wallpaper, both technically and commercially, for the world of interior design and contract. The two studios, together with the company, have deveLoped the new “Atelis” collection, based on two design criteria: the selection of precious and natural substrates capable of standing out in the sector market; the creativity to emphasize the expressive potential of the material with hand-drawn matrices and then printed, like art silkscreens or lithographs. The result is a collection of wallpaper, in rice starch and pure linens, which are natural and precious since they are designed as true artisanal boiserie, with imperfect signs and codes that declare the value of handmade. The Atelis project is declined into two collections, developed in parallel by METROGRAMMA and AMDL CIRCLE.