Zambaiti Parati

Zambaiti Parati is the company’s mainstream line for which the historic plant in Albino in the Bergamo province became internationally renowned. Manufactured entirely in Italy, the Zambaiti Parati line is distinguished by the highest impeccable quality.


In the vast expanse of the savannah, the landscape dresses with an elegance of harmonious and vivid colours. And so, the colours come together in a fresco of pure poetry, painting an image of beauty and mystery. In this natural paradise, every detail, every nuance, every shade tells a fascinating and surreal story. The savannah is an artistic masterpiece of nature, a symphony of colours that catches the eye and nourishes the soul.


The new METROPOLIS collection is inspired by the modern cities which increasingly enhance and incorporate nature even in indoor spaces.
Through its contemporary design, colors and precious textures that recall natural elements, it creates elegant settings in step with the times.

Satin Flowers

The new Satin Flowers collection is bright and cheerful, bringing the colours of nature and of the countryside on the walls.
It encompasses a wide range of florals that can fit any style, from the traditional up to the most energetic and modern.

“Accademia Luxury Wallcoverings”  is a collection of wallcoverings that explores the relationship between academic art and craftsmanship.
 Colors, threads and engravings emerge that are able to speak both with the deliberate irregularity of the textures and the geometry of the archetypal motifs, icons of Italianity.

Urban style, modern design and an elegant mood represent the current desire to feel at ease at home. Internal decorations combine with an urban rhythm to build a unique, colorful setting modelled by the decorated walls.

Only apparently simple, clean lines, geometries and refined textures create an unprecedented mood that links beauty and high-class design.

Tradizione Italiana

The inspiration for this collection has come from luxurious Italian Renaissance fabrics. Precious cloths such as the Venetian soprarizzo or the Florentine damasks have always been used all over the world to dress kings and the nobility in all the most important events. The wallcoverings have been selected in designs and colourways which are not only appealing for the eye, but are also essential to make a home more distinguished and cozy.