Our competitive edge on the market is due to constant technological innovation.


Zambaiti Parati is considered a style benchmark reference in its field and our innovative products have often been targeted by counterfeiters.

In order to preserve our creative assets and deter forgeries, all Zambaiti designs are copyrighted and reserved.

This allows the company to protect Zambaiti’s authenticity and safeguard our customers from falsification and dumping.


In Embossing, which is the industrial procedure that allows a raised pattern to be impressed on printed wallpaper, Zambaiti Parati has specialized in in-register hot embossing, which is the most difficult to achieve with tolerance levels of only a tenth of a millimetre.
The resulting relief is permanent and follows the shape of the printed pattern, exalting its aesthetic features.
This process produces wallpaper that is brighter and more pleasing to the eye and the touch.


The company uses two different technologies for printing: rotogravure and roto silk-screen printing, which allows for a variety of manufacturing diversifications. All the machinery is equipped with sophisticated control systems that guarantee maximum quality levels that are uniform and constant over time.

Global distribution

Zambaiti Parati’s target market is for the most part international. The company markets its products in 87 countries and exports 98% of its production.
We are directly present with a branch or a manufacturing site in our main markets and wherever possible. In other countries we carefully select local representatives or distributors.


All our products meet the standards set by European Quality regulations
UNI EN 233:1999
UNI EN 259-1:2001

That define the products quality guidelines and guarantee the respect of chemical components limits, so as to protect the environment and the end users.

DOP_01-2018 / DOP_02-2018 / DOP_03-2018 / DOP_04-2018
IGI Certificate
FSC ® Certificate
– PEFC TM Certificate
– Special production on demand (B-s2,d0) B-s2,d0 Vinyl e TNT

Zambaiti Parati has also been awarded the ISO 9001 : 2015 certificate.

The respect of European Standards is very important to us, and we constantly comply with their specifications.
First Approval date: 01/02/2002
Certificate n. IT239496 (EC_Declaration_2011)