Zambaiti Contract

Zambaiti Parati introduces the new brand, Zambaiti Contract.
 A new chapter that represents the transformation towards the future in the already farsighted history of the company, which presents the new Contract division, a design excellence that speaks of design, innovation and creativity in collaboration with internationally renowned architecture studios and designers.
 We have created a unique design and production path, which differs from any collection currently on the market, with the aim of proposing each creative theme, tailored and modulated for each decorative support on multiple surfaces.


Wall coverings with high quality register relief, beautiful to look at and pleasant to touch, and decorative panels also made in customized execution. The range of proposals in the catalog is very rich and diversified: a world of abstract, naturalistic, floral motifs, reminiscences of classic decorations in solid, shaded and mixed colours.


The architectural studios Metrogramma Milano, CaberlonCaroppi Italian Touch Architects, AF517Alfonso Femia Atelier(s) e Cibic Workshop, coordinated by the artistic direction of the architect Andrea Boschetti, are the protagonists of “Eterea”: an aesthetic journey, drawn from a meticulous research aimed at emphasizing natural textures and revealing a universe of shapes, colors and dynamisms.


The Project collection celebrates the essence of Italianness through a story told by architectural firms that interpret some of the most iconic Italian art movements

with the help of new printing substrates born from state of the art technological research.


STUDIO FUKSAS in collaboration with ZAMBAITI CONTRACT presents the new collection of wallpapers and wall coverings. Five proposals in which colors, graphics and material decorations are experimented, rich in details and shades, which to interpret the new trends of contemporary living.