With the ability to customize the product offer, Zambaiti Contract is able to satisfy the customer’s request at 360°: in the graphic, dimensional and material aspect. The choice of premium quality prints on exceptional, technologically avant-garde backings is thought and made to measure for the contract and residential worlds being available both in standard dimensions and with the possibility of resizing every graphic theme to t any space.

Zambaiti Contract carries forward its evolution process, with great care for the sustainability and wellbeing of the walls and a particular attention to the choice of substrates destined to be used in different living and functional areas.

Ecological, water-repellent, sound absorbing and reproof are the four substrates introduced in this collection, each of which with different performance characteristics to adapt perfectly to every need.

Substrate engineered to reduce the acoustic impact in areas where there is noise and/or reverberation.

Natural backing, with low environmental impact, devised for the wellbeing of walls and living spaces.

Technical substrate based on glass fiber, for decorating and waterproofing walls in damp areas.

Performing vinyl-based backing, with high resistance and flame retardant characteristics.

Textile support, a carefully curated selection of fine yarns for an elegant and refined wallcovering.