Our sustainable imprint

Zambaiti Parati S.p.A. has always been committed to a strategy aimed at improving performance in respect of the environment, energy management and monitoring of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. In this sense, the concept of environmental sustainability does not remain abstract, but is declined in concrete, aware and responsible actions.


All gaseous emissions are conveyed to treatment plants with the ultimate aim of recovering both the additives in the fumes emitted by the gravure printing lines, and the heat produced during coating and embossing, to be reused in the purification process, optimizing gas consumption methane.

Complete recycling
of water

Since the first plant started up in 2000, Zambaiti Parati S.p.A. manages the use of water for industrial purposes in a sustainable way: today the system for cooling the production lines allows water to be drawn from the aquifer, reused several times in the production cycles and returned to the river: in this way the 90% usage.


Thanks to its strategic position along the Serio river, which made the history of the first nineteenth-century European textile sector, Zambaiti Parati S.p.A. has its electricity produced by a hydroelectric plant which allows it to be close to self-sufficiency and powered 100% by renewable sources.

1474 kW
Energy produced by the hydroelectric plant
152 kW
Company energy consumption

Circular Economy

Recovery of inks and additives

Since 1984, when the first ink recovery plant was purchased, Zambaiti Parati S.p.A. has designed and set up its production cycle in order to completely reuse the ink residues and recover the additives vapors generated by the printing machines.

Valuing waste

Thanks to the quality of the raw materials with which the product is made and to the fact that it is free from phthalates, it has been possible to structure a process of recovery and reuse of production waste as filling material for synthetic grass playing fields, respecting the specifications for use of international federations.

Zambaiti Parati S.p.A. has created and developed over time a set of tools, procedures and mechanisms suitable for managing the functioning and monitoring of the organization. Obtaining the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification demonstrates that the company quality management system has been recognized as compliant with a standard of excellence and guarantees the quality of the wallpapers produced.

In addition, all Zambaiti Parati products comply with the European directives for construction products and EN 15102:2011 and with the UNI EN 233:1999 and UNI EN 259-1:2001 quality standards, which define the product requirements and guarantee the absence or compliance with the limits established for the substances listed in the standards themselves, to protect and guarantee the environment and consumers (phthalates, formaldehyde, antimony, A+ certificates).

The definition of sustainable development does not only concern the environmental issue, but also includes the social and cultural dimensions. With this in mind, Zambaiti Parati S.p.A. participates in the Corporate Golden Donor program promoted by the Italian Environment Fund (FAI) and supports the local social fabric through various sports sponsorships.