Safety and Sustainability

Zambaiti Parati has always been attentive and sensitive to the issues of safety and environmental protection.

All equipment is fitted with the necessary safety elements that minimize risks to workers, who constantly participate in required refresher training courses.
The extra attention given to safety, which exceeds the normal legal specifications, has ensured that the company has never experienced any significant accidents from its founding to the present.

All the plants are equipped with the most modern devices currently available, such as plants for recycling solvents or for eliminating fumes.
These tools are so effective that all the solvents used can be recovered and recycled.

The environmental impact of the company’s manufacturing cycles is thereby reduced to minimal levels that are practically inexistent.
The Zambaiti Parati company system is ISO_9001 certified and all its products comply with European environmental and quality directives.

The paper used as backing for the product is made with wood coming almost exclusively from specially farmed trees which helps preserve the environment.
This wood is obtained from trees or rather a variety of trees whose main characteristics include rapid growth and resistance to parasites.
The forests are specially planted and cultivated to be “harvested”, and for every tree that is cut, at least another one is planted in its place.

This is an intelligent and eco-sustainable way of using natural resources which helps preserve the environment for future generations, too.

Zambaiti Parati has always been attentive to social issues.

The company participates in the CORPORATE GOLDEN DONOR programme promoted by the FONDO PER L’AMBIENTE ITALIANO (F.A.I National Trust) and backs a number of initiatives aimed at maintaining and improving the local social fabric in which it operates.
The sponsorship of several youth football teams is also worthy of mention.