Magnifica Murella, taste and refinement come together to give life to this wonderful collection of wallpapars.

Motifs, carefully studied in details, create unique patterns that enhance the precious damask and graceful floral waves, manufacturated withMade in Italy.


The Project collection celebrates the essence of Italianness through a story told by architectural firms that interpret some of the most iconic Italian art movements

with the help of new printing substrates born from state of the art technological research.

The new METROPOLIS collection is inspired by the modern cities which increasingly enhance and incorporate nature even in indoor spaces.

Through its contemporary design, colors and precious textures that recall natural elements, it creates elegant settings in step with the times.

Automobili Lamborghini Wallpaper is an iconic, innovative and dynamic collection. Top quality products, entirely made in Italy utilizing state of the art technology to give life to excellent furnishings. True to the Lamborghini innovative spirit, this collection proudly introduces new tendencies in home décor.

Mini Classic portrays Venice magnificent textile tradition of damasks, brocade, velvets and lavish silks.

Classical motifs eliciting a sense of perfect proportions, order and balance have been coherently adapted to build a collection of wallpapers enhanced by rich textures and precious details.

A charming representation of the 1900 elegant bourgeois homes, Mini Classic embodies a refined paradigm of italian traditional taste and evokes graceful memories of cozy rooms.