Elegant rooms enriched with precious golden stuccos in which to receive noble and important visitors.

Walls and ceilings adorned with Renaissance frescoes and refined floral decorations.

Villas with spectacular views of the surrounding valleys like those dotting the Umbrian and Tuscan hills in Italy.

The inspiration for this collection has come from luxurious Italian Renaissance fabrics. Precious cloths such as the Venetian soprarizzo or the Florentine damasks have always been used all over the world to dress kings and nobility in the all most important events. The wall coverings have been selected in designs and colourways which are not only appealing for the eye, but are also essential to make a home more distinguished and cozy.

A collection inspired by the most celebrated Italian Renaissance gardens, where kings and princesses used to stroll donning magnificent clothes embellished with gold and silver embroidery.

Nature-inspired designs paired with modern structures devised to make every home UNIQUE and customized.

A collection designed to represent “pure beauty” through sophisticated effects and inventive matches.

Refined, up to date, polished and essential, it conveys the feeling of timeless elegance.

Modern, fascinating wallpapers, made with effects and colors that are inspired by the weave of carbon fibers and the lifestyle that distinguishes the leading Italian automotive brand.


This collection was inspired by the most important fashion catwalks.

Embroidery, lace, small arabesque and classy color palette characterize the unique products composing this innovative collection.

Wallcoverings that will charm the connoisseur and everyone who love beauty in all its forms and artistic expressions.

“I’ve studied, I’ve travelled the world, but the most important things I’ve learned are in Italy making the round of workshops with my grandfather Dante.

When it comes to leather, he was a real artist. He could sense of quality.”
Nicola Trussardi